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Smiling Little Hearts – Raja Rajeswari

by drmani on October 1, 2006

Congenital Heart DiseaseAtrial Septal Defect – Surgery sponsored by Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation – October 2006

Raja Rajeswari - Atrial Septal Defect

8 year old Rajeswari studies in 4th grade and had a hole in her heart called an Atrial Septal Defect.

Her father, the sole earning member of her family, is a bus driver on an inter-city route in South India. With a family income of around Rs.1,300 a month (approx. US $30), they had put off her surgery which would cost Rs.110,000.

Rajeswari gamely struggled along. Her lungs were flooded with extra blood. She suffered frequent chest infections. She was not able to play for long, stopping when she became breathless.

Her operation went off smoothly, the 25 mm. hole closed completely. 8 days later, the smiling little girl waved goodbye and set off to her hometown.

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